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You’re a Stone Fox

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F for Fable, Javier Téllez

A fox tail is that accessory for men, that really revamps an outfit and creates a tension of spite among jealous eyes. It is definitely a piece that will stand one out from the crowd. One must work it with confidence otherwise it could look silly.

Marist Fashionista talks Red Fox [x]

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This is the cutest outfit - love the tweed. (via Sea of Shoes: The Fantastic Mr. Fox)

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brb, copyrighting (woops)

Dear followers,

Did you know Marist doesn’t like hipsters? Turns out we were making profit without even realizing it by using the Marist College Red Fox logo… but where is the capital?


Because of an obscure chain of events, we will be taking down our mainstream hipster red fox logo. Have no fear. We will come back and replace it with something you probably haven’t seen before. At least we lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage. Whatever, we’re over it.

You can still submit stories, but please don’t use the meme generator. Just drop things in our ask/submit box if it works better for you. (For the dude that submitted the old logo, we’re so proud of you! However, we won’t be able to post it.)

In the meantime, check our twitter account for updates and other hipster happenings.

All our organic love,
Your lovely mods.